Chicken Fahitas

So as of late things have been crazy but i really want to get back into blogging stuff again so we are going to start with some food stuff


I’m going to start with a simple chicken fajita cooking recipy me and my brother did a few days ago. altho fajitas do come in a wrap i decided not to and opted for a salad with mine while my brother scoffed his face with all the bread he could consume. because we are going to be looking mostly at the main bulk of the dinner i will not be going into any salad options or prep in this little blog.

Cooking Ingredients 

4 chicken breasts (200g per Breast)

half an onionIMG_0116

1 green perrer

1 yellow pepper

1 red peper

1 chillie

dash of olive oil.



1) Dice up all chicken into small strips

2) Place chicken into wok and have on a mid to high heat while doing stage 3

3) Chop up all peppers and onion and place in a separate frying pan on a medium heat

4) When chicken has turned more of a white colour add in any bbq or spice flavouring and store in well.

5) Keep string while cooking for a further 15 min

6) Serve at dinner tabel


 The salad and condiments that we used


total cooking time for this was 30-40 min depending on how quick you are with cutting up the food. its a simple dish and if you make more than you need it can be used for a lunch the next day.

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