IMG_1510 As a group we are looking at events to do for the year i will be placing them up on this walls check back often and get your self booked in and lets have some fun in the process.





IMG_1515Nuclear Rush & Onslaught

6-12k races, lots of mud, clubbing walls, crawling along the floor, rope work what more could you want

Prizes: All members get T shirts and Medals

Status: Completed

Sure 10k Run to the Beat

Wembley ,London

Wave Time TBA pm

Sure Run to the Beat is like no other running event! Our 10K route brings you a challenging run combined with an electric atmosphere and one epic after party! So really, what’s stopping you?
All runners receive:
  • Incredible sets from some of the world’s best DJs
  • Awesome 10K running route around Wembley Park
  • Brooks technical running top to wear before, during & after the event
  • Downloadable Deezer play lists & free 30 day premium trial
  • Finisher’s medal & Festival Finish Party invite

Price £37

Status: Upcoming


19 SEP 2015

Brentwood ,Essex

Wave Time 1:30pm

Nuclear Blast is a 5km obstacle loaded multi-lap course over mixed, muddy terrain suitable for all levels of fitness. Fun, exhilarating and achievable, it’s the night-time Blackout course but in daylight! Excellent introductory experience for first time obstacle racers.



19 SEP 2015

Brentwood ,Essex

Wave Time 7:30pm

Blackout is 5km multi-lap obstacle loaded night race.

This race will launch you out of your comfort zone. It will lead you in unknown territories, testing all of your senses to the maximum as you negotiate endless & overwhelming obstacles by the light of a headtorch.  This course is designed to challenge the fears of claustrophobia, darkness & heights aswell as testing strength, endurance, agility, stamina & all round fitness in the harshest conditions & toughest obstacles. Determination, focus and a powerful mindset is needed to endure Nuclear’s different nightime muddy challenge. Starting at sunset, this lap race moves quickly from dusk light into total darkness. Be prepared. Own the Night

Price £49

Status: Upcoming

Tough Mudder: London South

27th September

Winchester , Hampshire

Wave Time:

Centred around a rare natural amphitheatre, Tough Mudder London South will make you earn every last mile and has been known to break even the hardest Mudders. However, survive the grueling trails, rugged, barren farmland and long steady climbs and you will be rewarded as you descend on the bowl through one the most epic finishes to a course Tough Mudder has to offer.

Price £117

Status: Upcoming

Nuclear Fallout


Wave Time 12:00pm

Nuclear Fallout is our beast…

The wetter, colder and muddier race; the one you need to train for – take it for granted and it’ll bite you. It’s our last event of the year, so we throw everything at it – every obstacle Nuclear has is included and the 6km and 12km courses are muddier than any other time of the year.

Price £64

Status: Upcoming