Muscle Food Monday- BBQ Chicken Drum sticks With Sweet Potato Wedges

So last week i did focus on the wedges and i suggest you check out the blog to make them because i won’t be covering how to cook them on this one. but last week dad gave me some rubbish ribs and i said i would cook something more in line with our theme of food coming from this week.

so i had chicken drum sticks and the best bit about these were they were pre marinated in a BBQ sauce and these actually came in there fantastic try us bundle.


1. Pre heat oven to 200 degrees (place chicken at bottom i had the wedges in the middle)

2. place drumsticks on tray and cover with foil

3. cook for total time of 40 minuets

4. 10-15 min before cooking time is over remove foil covering the chicken and continue to cook

5. serve and enjoy


this was easy both wedges and chicken i could leave in the oven to cook and focus on other work


next week i will look at a breakfast.



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