Muscle Food Monday- Beef Hash Steaks with Salad


So this easter weekend has been manic had so much on with clients and seeing friends and having a 13 hour sleep to recover from a lack of sleep over the weekend i was kinda thinking of palming this weeks blog off. That said and in all honesty i didnt get the ingredients for the salad i wanted to do in a jar and for that i apologise. but i did want to post something and that something was still good. i ordered these british hash steaks a while back and to be honest they are amazing. i will add maybe hammering them down and flattening them out would be a great idea to do first but as long as they are cooked through its all good.

simple salad but a fair amount of it


The Salad

nothing fancy here you can mix up any salad but i went with;

  • onion
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • lettuce
  • pepper
  • celery
should have hammered that down a bit to thin it out. was quite thick to cook through

The Steaks

so these i literally had cooking for 3-4 min each side and had to check they were cooked through before eating as these are close to burgers so you don’t really want there to be any red in the middle.

I will add i cooked these in Ghee some people like it some don’t but it cooks well and smells good.

So this looks great and tastes great if your doing as I’m suggesting with the salad jars and you should be by now this can be whipped up after work for a super quick time of 5 min so no excuses really.

until next week


If your thinking of getting these try out Musclefood website

I’m thinking of blogging some other stuff soon it would be cool if you guys could give me some ideas i might start back up the top 5 tuesdays and get some help from some of the other trainers.


finished product


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