Muscle Food Monday- Salad in a jar

So this project has been in the work for a while have been looking at various salads and the best way to prep them.

after doing some digging around on the world wide web and some playing around i have come decided my favourite way to make and store salads  are in jars. You have to stack the jars in specific ways to make sure that the leafy greens stay crisp you also need to make sure you have air tight jars i got mine from lakeland

Clip Top Jars

so with this run through i made what i like in a salad but as the next few weeks go on i will be doing other salads. Before we get to the making of these i want to explain why this way of making salads are the most ideal for you. Firstly you can store these jars in the fridge for 5 days and the salad will be fine this is great for anyone who struggles with lunches at work or if there that lazy after work a dinner is already made. secondly you can control portion sizes. a 1ltr jar is big but it will still put a limit to the amount you can eat otherwise the jar won’t close. This is handy if you struggle to control your portion sizes. Thirdly its economic!!!! now I’m going to run down some maths for you

I made three salads of equal sizing and i have worked out the cost of the ingredients i used for all three Jars. The total of three jars came too £5.25 if we divide that by three it comes to £1.75 per jar. If you made 1 jar for monday to friday as your working lunch it comes to a grand total of £8.75 per week if we compare this to the telegraphs research last year on 9-5 workers lunch habits (Click Here) you can save £44.20 per week on lunches alone (yes we have not taken into account a drink here but I’m sure a green tea isn’t going to ruin my math to badly).

but lets say your not the average person and if your on this site i like to think your going to be eating healthy and we know telco do a self serve salad bar so how does it stack up in comparison. The jars i used are big so we will for now compare it to there large box in there self service counter. This currently is Priced £1.25 more expensive that what our jars cost at a total sum of £3. the only thing included in there salad is the grubby hands that touched those eggs before hand.

so in summery stacking salads in jars is the most cost effective and




  • italian olive oil and balsamic vinigaret £0.60
  • 1/2 a cucumber £0.62
  • 1 pack of small tomatoes £0.80
  • 4 sticks of celery £0.50
  • 1 can of sweet corn £0.61
  • 1 diced carrot £0.10
  • 1 can of tuna £1.15
  • mixed lettuce leafs £0.87IMG_0329

Stacking order

Liquids first!– any sauce your going to use make sure these are the first things in the jars. the trick to all this is to keep things as dry as possible and with all the liquid in the bottom it will stay dry and fresher.

IMG_0330Buffer food second– so this is your big chunked food tomatoes and cucumber are great here as they are mostly liquid structure contained in a shell type skin these hold there shape in wet condition so we use that to build a layer that tower above sauce.



Smaller bits– fill in small gaps and create some more padding with your sweet corn and carrots. you can have your pasta at this level as well but i didn’t add any.IMG_0331

Meats– This is when the meats and cheese get added. i didn’t have any cheese but you can see this is now a fair distance away from the sauce.






Leafy greens– keep your kale and lettuce fresh by having it as the last thing to be placed in the jar.

Seal and place in the fridge– these will keep for 5 days but please keep them facing up and don’t open the seal until your ready to eat it.


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