We take our nutrition seriously at Fix Up Fitness, and you should too! It is a very important part of getting the results you want and hitting those goals you have set yourself. As part of your training our team will sit down with you and go through any nutrition issues you have when you have your first consultation. We suggest you bring a diary that been filled in with what you would normally eat on a day to day basis, we can take a look at it and make a few adjustments and point you in the right direction without  making drastic life style changes that are hard to adjust too.

If you would like we can provide an example week diet plan for you so you can see how you should be eating on a daily basis to achieve your individual goal. But we would like to remind you food is something that should be enjoyed and should never become dull boring or repetitive. So we would like to see you thinking on your own and swapping in and out meals as the weeks go on for variety. If you have no idea what to cook or how to make things see the lists of foods below for some great ideas


Protein Pancakes

Poached eggs in Ham

Bacon, Pepper & Tomato Omlette

Roasted Vegtable Salad in a Jar


My Simple Salad

Spicy Chicken Salad

Roasted Vegtable Salad 

Roast Veggies, Chicken and Goats Cheese Salad



Healthy Beef Burgers

Healthy Beef burgers

Chicken Fahitas

Hash Steaks & Salad

Spicy Seared Tuna Steaks

Tuna Steaks and Vegetables

BBQ chicken Drumsticks With Sweet Potato Fries

BBQ Ribs With Sweet Potatoes

Chicken Curry

Cauliflower Rice

Healthy Kebab


Chicken Curry

Protein Brownies

Protein FlapJacks

Protein Chocolate+Coconut balls

Protein Strawberry+Banana Muffins