Muscle food Monday- scrambled egg and steak

Hi All

This month I’m going to give a run down of some breakfast meals you may not consider or have forgot that are good for you. this week we are starting with Steak and eggs. This is possibly a meal that i would like to put in 2 times a week if i have allot of white meats planned during the week for dinner. Red meat will provide you with Iron and other essential B vitamins as well as essential Amino acids that the body cannot produce. The egg will back this up with essential fats and more protein. this meal is very filling and will set you right for the day ahead.

i am actually going to talk about how to best cook a steak and i might add that in at the end of the week i will see how i get on but for now lets cover the basics with the scrambled egg as that comes up a few times this series.



  • 3 eggs
  • salt 
  • pepper
  • oil


  • Heat he pan and place a oil, butter in there for a layer of Greece which will prevent burning and sticking
  • crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk
  • add salt and pepper
  • pour in to the pan and leave for 10 seconds and wait for the egg to form
  • stir gently and often to create your scrambled egg.

Give this a go in the mornings and see your energy levels rise and stay high throughout the day.

hope you enjoy



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Muscle Food Monday – Bacon Pepper and Tomato Omelette

Hi all so I wanted to post a breki after pancake day last week. But it kinda turned into lunch but here we go this omelette is dead easy.

4 eggs
Small Pepper
Few small tomatoes
Pancetta or diced bacon
Salt and pepper
Pinch of oil for cooking

Put the bacon to cook in a frying pan
Chop up the letters and tomato
Throw it all together
Crack the eggs and put into a mixing bowel and whisk
Add salt and pepper
Let the egg cook in a bigger pan leave for a few min to take shape.(null)
Add the bacon and pepper and tomatoes
Continue to cook and fold over and serve with salad.

This I really did enjoy and can serve 2 people.



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Muscle Food Monday- poached egg wrapped in ham

Ok so this isn’t technically from muscle food and it’s been a long time since I did one of these but here goes.

This is super simple and is a nice novel way to have ham and egg.

Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees

Prep the food you need
Olive oil
Backing tray

Oil in the tray give it a brush then line with ham like so



Break eggs and pour into the ham filled trays





Place in the oven for 10min maybe 15 depending on how your oven works.


Once cooked serve with a salad for lunch or with sweet potato fries for a healthy ham egg and chips alternative.

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