Muscle Food Monday- Mixed Fruit and Nuts Jar


Firstly sorry for the lack of blogging august has been manic with work events and my birthday. i not really made this blog a priority and i have been sketchy at best with my content. I have had a interesting summer and it is something i want to share so i hope to find time to come up with a blog to explain my lack of experimental cooking. To get me back into the swing of things i will start off with a nice easy simple one, this Dried Fruit and Nut recipe can be done in any way you like just pic from the list of ingredients below and you will be able to mix them up. what you will need is an air tight jar and a dark place to store them. this is the perfect high protein and fat and fibre snack to keep you from delving into the naughty draw.


Dried pineapple

▪Dried apricots

▪Dried blueberries

▪Thompson raisins

▪Dried figs






▪Brazil nuts


▪Dried cherries

▪Dried mango slices

▪Pumpkin seeds

▪Sesame seeds

▪Macadamia nuts



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Muscle Food Monday- Healthy Full English

Hi All

keeping running with the Healthy Breakfast theme of the next few weeks. i decided to do my version of a full English which is a beloved dish by most in the uk. now i found the ket to this is not so much what you cook its how its cooked that is key. But firstly i like to point out that i ran out of muscle foods chicken sausages which i more than likely would have used so i used conventional sausages. i really do enjoy this and its most commonly featured on my Sunday morning routine as my little treat before i go golf.


  • Egg x2
  • Sausages x2
  • Bacon x2 IMG_1765
  • Tomatos x2 for Big or 5-6 small
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oil


  • pre heat oven to 180 degrees C
  • place Sausages on Oven and let cook for 10 min and rotate them
  • prep your Eggs in a bowel and whisk together the salt and pepper and get in a pan ready to cook.
  • Dice up the tomatoes
  • Place Bacon in the oven with the sausages and leave for a further 10 min
  • cook the scrambled egg and dry fry the tomatoes when there is 5 min remaining on the oven timer.
  • (optional) Slice sausages down the middle and place under grill for 3-5 min
  • Serve with a nice cup of tea!!!

Other things to note

  • you can swap the bacon for turkey rashes.
  • you can have mushrooms dry fried( I’m not a fan of them).
  • you can add sweet potato hash browns (i didn’t make any)
  • you can cook in Coconut Oil (may taste odd)

hope you like this dish


Many thanks



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Muscle food Monday- scrambled egg and steak

Hi All

This month I’m going to give a run down of some breakfast meals you may not consider or have forgot that are good for you. this week we are starting with Steak and eggs. This is possibly a meal that i would like to put in 2 times a week if i have allot of white meats planned during the week for dinner. Red meat will provide you with Iron and other essential B vitamins as well as essential Amino acids that the body cannot produce. The egg will back this up with essential fats and more protein. this meal is very filling and will set you right for the day ahead.

i am actually going to talk about how to best cook a steak and i might add that in at the end of the week i will see how i get on but for now lets cover the basics with the scrambled egg as that comes up a few times this series.



  • 3 eggs
  • salt 
  • pepper
  • oil


  • Heat he pan and place a oil, butter in there for a layer of Greece which will prevent burning and sticking
  • crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk
  • add salt and pepper
  • pour in to the pan and leave for 10 seconds and wait for the egg to form
  • stir gently and often to create your scrambled egg.

Give this a go in the mornings and see your energy levels rise and stay high throughout the day.

hope you enjoy



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Muscle Food Monday- Spicy Chicken Salad

Hi every one

so part 2 of this super salad stacking lark. now i did make the salad and then kinda decided on some changes so what you will have will be different from what my photos look like and i wasn’t actually able to make the sauce for this one but i will mention it.

Ingredients Chicken

Look at all those ingredents

1/2 tsp coconut oil or Ghee

1-2 chicken brests Sliced into strips

2/3 tsp mild paprika

1/4 tsp cumin powder

1/2 tsp garlic powder

2/3 sea salt +black pepper

Ingredients Salad

1/2 diced cucumber

1 avacardo

7 cherry tomatoes

4 sticks of celery

1 tin of sweet corn



1/2 tsp honey

zest 1/2 medium lime

2-3 tbs olive oil

4-5 thin sliced chillies



i love chicken


ok so the main bit here is the is how the chicken is done. nice and simply put all the spices in a bowl while you warm up the ghee in a frying pan. When ready mix the chicken into the powders try and cover all of it and have a well covered coating on each peace. place the chicken into the pan and pour any remaining spices over the cooking chicken and cook till done and set to cool down (do not place in the fridge to speed this up).

the salad is simple and follows the same rules as last time. sauce at the bottom then big chunky bits of salad to create a barrier, so your cucumbers tomatoes and celery. Then the smaller bits sweet corn i did put the avocado in here but my recommendation after testing this is to keep that till you open for the day it went very soft and mushy. then your meats should go next and lettuce last (i did it the wrong way round by mistake but still worked fine on this occasion)

stacked these wrong but sill came out ok


the dressing is just a case of mixing all the ingredients together and deciding it up in the jars.

i really enjoyed this one and the chicken really did give some life to what is considered a dull dish by most people. next time i hope to have the dressing with it and maybe i will come back to this as well and adjust the post.

next week something a little unexpected and a little more for the vegetarians.






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Muscle Food Monday- Salad in a jar

So this project has been in the work for a while have been looking at various salads and the best way to prep them.

after doing some digging around on the world wide web and some playing around i have come decided my favourite way to make and store salads  are in jars. You have to stack the jars in specific ways to make sure that the leafy greens stay crisp you also need to make sure you have air tight jars i got mine from lakeland

Clip Top Jars

so with this run through i made what i like in a salad but as the next few weeks go on i will be doing other salads. Before we get to the making of these i want to explain why this way of making salads are the most ideal for you. Firstly you can store these jars in the fridge for 5 days and the salad will be fine this is great for anyone who struggles with lunches at work or if there that lazy after work a dinner is already made. secondly you can control portion sizes. a 1ltr jar is big but it will still put a limit to the amount you can eat otherwise the jar won’t close. This is handy if you struggle to control your portion sizes. Thirdly its economic!!!! now I’m going to run down some maths for you

I made three salads of equal sizing and i have worked out the cost of the ingredients i used for all three Jars. The total of three jars came too £5.25 if we divide that by three it comes to £1.75 per jar. If you made 1 jar for monday to friday as your working lunch it comes to a grand total of £8.75 per week if we compare this to the telegraphs research last year on 9-5 workers lunch habits (Click Here) you can save £44.20 per week on lunches alone (yes we have not taken into account a drink here but I’m sure a green tea isn’t going to ruin my math to badly).

but lets say your not the average person and if your on this site i like to think your going to be eating healthy and we know telco do a self serve salad bar so how does it stack up in comparison. The jars i used are big so we will for now compare it to there large box in there self service counter. This currently is Priced £1.25 more expensive that what our jars cost at a total sum of £3. the only thing included in there salad is the grubby hands that touched those eggs before hand.

so in summery stacking salads in jars is the most cost effective and




  • italian olive oil and balsamic vinigaret £0.60
  • 1/2 a cucumber £0.62
  • 1 pack of small tomatoes £0.80
  • 4 sticks of celery £0.50
  • 1 can of sweet corn £0.61
  • 1 diced carrot £0.10
  • 1 can of tuna £1.15
  • mixed lettuce leafs £0.87IMG_0329

Stacking order

Liquids first!– any sauce your going to use make sure these are the first things in the jars. the trick to all this is to keep things as dry as possible and with all the liquid in the bottom it will stay dry and fresher.

IMG_0330Buffer food second– so this is your big chunked food tomatoes and cucumber are great here as they are mostly liquid structure contained in a shell type skin these hold there shape in wet condition so we use that to build a layer that tower above sauce.



Smaller bits– fill in small gaps and create some more padding with your sweet corn and carrots. you can have your pasta at this level as well but i didn’t add any.IMG_0331

Meats– This is when the meats and cheese get added. i didn’t have any cheese but you can see this is now a fair distance away from the sauce.






Leafy greens– keep your kale and lettuce fresh by having it as the last thing to be placed in the jar.

Seal and place in the fridge– these will keep for 5 days but please keep them facing up and don’t open the seal until your ready to eat it.


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Muscle Food Monday- Tuna Stakes with Steamed veg and Panchetta bacon

ok so wanted to make a real simple tuna dish that is easy to make and tastes great. decided on this as i had a few tuna steaks in my freezer from a order i made before xmas. this would be a great easy lunch or a quick dinner for those who don’t want anything complex or takes allot of time to make.


  • 1 x Tuna steak
  • 250g diced vegetables fresh or frozen
  • 1 packet  of Panchetta bacon or dice up some bacon.



Timings here are the key bits


1. Place the veg in a steamer or in a saucepan bring to the boil and cook for 20min to soften the veg

2. place bacon in a frying pan and slowly heat for 15 min i had this on half heat and had no oil in the pan so the fat of the bacon melted off and became a protective liquid for the pan.

3. depending on how you want your tuna done you will need to time this i gave my tuna 2 min each side and again i dry fried it. so with 4 min spare i put the tuna on and flipped over after 2 min.

4. place veg and bacon in colander to drain water off and mix together.

5. serve everything on a plate and enjoy.




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10k Run to the Beat

Ok so yesterday I did my first 10k. It was the 10k run to the beat in wemberly Park. I did the the run for a charity and I will link the page below at the end of the blog. But I’m going to go through my prep and the event it’s self and discuss things I could have done better.

The prep
So this was actually non existent I had planned on having 6 weeks to just get fit enough to run it within an hour and come out injury free. But I manage to injure my lower back. So I actually managed to get only 3x 3 miles runs done over the 6 weeks.
My running round Chigwell put me at 5k in 30min roughly a speed I said I would be happy if I could maintain over the full 10k

The Event
So the event it’s self was actually quite fun. Once me and my friend had traveled to Wembley Park, put our bags in the locking areas and taken a quick selfie we was ready to go to our running pens.IMG_0505.JPG

Joe was actually running before me and I had not seen or herd from my friend Matt all morning. So after watching the fitness first team attempt to motivate the crowd in doing a warm up that really wasn’t that good ( I did my own mobilisation). The whole of my running colour was asked to leave the pen and walk our way down to the starting grid so as you do I took a selfie.


So I was actually lucky enough to have made my way to the front of the grid I did think this helped me stay out of allot of traffic at the start. But I will say the atmosphere at the start line was great we gave the wheelchair runners a count down first and cheered them as they started. Then we did ours but of course I took a selfie.


So the race overall was fun but at the time it was a painful run I made a few mistakes but here is a k by k break down of my run.

0-1k stick with the pacer doing 10k in 50min
1-2k fuck that change of plan!
2-3k still trying to recover from my earlier mistake so style it out and hi five a few people on the way
3-4k ok feeling better now let’s try and find a grove
4-5k found a grove but a hill is coming up who puts a hill there!!!!
5-6k I hate hills that is all!
6-7k another hill!!!! Kill me now!
7-8k Matt finds me and we pick up the pace a bit
8-9k ok who’s idea was it to run this distance!!!
9-10k last bit must forget photo Finnish don’t die on the way and stay with Matt.

So the race done and a time of 56min 17sec I thought for a non runner that was quite a good time. They handed out some awful drinks afterwards they quickly got binned. They did hand out some whey hay ice cream which was lush!!!! I recommend that you buy some of that on your next shop. Anyway to end a day I had to round of the experience with a selfie


Next up I have tough mudder which is 12 miles. So hopefully I can actually get a decent pre training in and improve on some running pacing mistakes I made at the beginning of this event. But all being said and done I would do this again next year.

Please donate if you can
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