Top 5 Tuesday- 5 Moves to a Stronger, More Functional Core

Hi everyone

Firstly i like to apologise for the lack of blog yesterday i updated my Mac and didn’t see how big it would take and see how much time it would waste. Today i thought i go back to doing some Work out specific Top 5 this was inspired by my training partner today. Danni wanted a work out that based around allot of core work out elements and i wanted to limber up so nothing major heavy as i have played 4 days of golf and I’m feeling a little stiff. So i thought about movements that will work the core while focusing on major muscle groups. and here was my top 5

Number 5- Pull ups

holding your self still and preventing your self from wilding swinging takes allot of effort from the core to stabilise while the back does all the puling. look to get to 3 sets of 10 using a band.



Number 4- Squats

My most favoured move but sadly not enough muscle groups in comparison to the others to be higher in the list. Working the quads and hamstrings and Glutes for the major movers and then having a bar across the back or eve at the front will engage the core to keep the body in a upright position. again go for 3 sets of 10


Number 3- Cable Pres

Sit on a bench with no back support and try and do a cable press this move really forces you to engage your core while your doing your press. you can mix this up and put more pressure on the chest by doing flys. 3 sets 10-12 reps will work wonders and add something new to your work out

Number 2- Frontal Raise Plank 

Press up position holding a cable in one hand, shift your weight and keep your arm straight and raise the arm in front. this is a real burner of the shoulders they are either woking while moving or working when trying to have to hold your position. Make sure you do 3 sets 10 reps for both arms

Number 1- Single leg Lunge with opposite arm press

Legs, shoulder, core, brain what more could you want in a move! Got to give Danni credit here for her suggestion. I did have something else in mid but this was allot of fun. you will have to remember to do both sides per set and again 3 sets of 10 here is good enough to start off with.

thats this weeks top 5 maybe next week i will do something else like this i will ask one of the team if they want to help


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Top 5 Tuesday- Top Tea to drink when on a diet


so today i want to talk about Tea. Now I’m quite a huge Tea fan and i enjoy nothing more than a old school breakfast tea but i wanted to go over what would be the best 5 teas to drink while on a health kick or as part of a healthier lifestyle and reasons for these choices and how they would help balance out how you recover from training or a night of drinking while aiding in your training goals.

Number 1- Mint Tea

Why- it helps curb cravings

The smell of pepper mint can suppress your hunger and some reports suggest that drinking a peppermint tea every 2 hours can aid in losing 1 pound a week while having reduced cravings to snack.


Number 2-Chamomile Tea

Why- It aids sleeping and is an anti inflammatory

Chamomile Tea has properties that can be calming and act like a sedative. This can be helpful for insomnia or getting you off to sleep. along side that there is some anti inflammatory properties for digestion post meal and you can gargle it for symptoms of fever or a cold.


Number 3-Ginger Tea

Why- Aids digestion

you can have the best diet in the world but its no good if you can’t absorb the nutrients properly. Ginger will help support the stomach digestives system and can help relieve the symptoms of nausea and motion sickness.


Number 4-Milk Thistle and Dandelion

Why- Aids the liver in recovery and cleansing

So you went out for a night out and hit the drink a bit harder than you wanted and now your liver hates you. drinking Milk Thistle and Dandelion tea will help clean out your liver and make your recovery faster.


Number 5- Oohlong Tea

Why- Metabolism Booster

This is an alternative to Green Tea it will help metabolise Lipids faster in the body this would be your early morning drink when you wake up.


hope this is helpful and i hope you enjoy a culpa tea as much as i do.

next week something different i hope


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Tuesday Top 5- Meals For The Avengers


There was this little movie out this weekend you might have seen it its called The Avengers Age of Ultron. If you have not i suggest you go watch it!! If your a client of mine or know anything about me, you will know despite me being a Physically active Personal trainer i love my comics, films, lego and computer games. So this film for me was great but it did get me thinking firstly who are my top 5 Avengers and  how each avengers diet would match too there powers or abilities. So this top 5 will be what will the Avengers eat

Number 1- Captain America

IMG_1319My family kinda caught on that captain America is my number 1 choice when looking at the avengers. This boy scout will do anything that is for the greater good of planet earth, he is in his element when in any army situation either giving or taking orders. The captain is the leader of the Avengers for the most part of comic book  history. This Avenger has keep in top shape to keep the others in line, he would never stray from discipline and go with a lean dish thats simple to do. So turkey breasts with steamed vegetables a prime example of a lean well balanced meal that will give the captain enough Protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals he needs with little risk of over indulging on to many carbs or fats.


Number 2- Iron Man

Smart, rich but a deeply flawed Tony Stark a man in some comics who has had drinking problems but who has also been a key player in saving the world with his tech and money. If you follow the TV films and shows he currently engineered most of S.H.E.I.L.D weapons and computer systems, he does this with that super sharp mind of his. A dish that would aid brain function needed on this level would be Salmon it would not suprise me if Tony had Scrambled egg and smoked Salmon for breakfast or Salmon steaks and grilled Asparagus for lunch or dinner 3-5 times a week. these dishes would provide the essential fish oils needed to keep is mind sharp and his body fuelled.


Number 3- Thor

This God constantly makes me laugh. He is a loud, proud man, strong and brave he also enjoys a party so he does enjoy a bit of ale. Thor wields a might hammer and has the ability to control lighting. he also fights with his fists and is a very physical fighter so he takes a fair few knocks and hits while in combat. so to aid his recovery, keep him strong and lean. meats such as liver and heart would be a constant staple in his diet high in protein, high in vitamins and minerals and essential fats these meats with some dark leafy greens would provide everything a god would need to bash up some bad guys and be fresh for a hunt of Bison the day.


Number 4- Hawkeye

A man very much not on my radar as cool until the recent marvel films. Hawkeye is a archer fighting in a world of gods and aliens. To give him the edge he has a range of arrows and his lighting reflexes and razor sharp aim. this man is an assassin and sometimes these men will go days with-ought leaving a area or spot so the food needs to not only be nutritious but prevent detection if on camp out missions. So 3 bean, Avocado and carrot Salad would be my choice of meals for this hero. the beans providing the fibre and protein, the avocado providing the essential fats and the carrot giving him the essential vitamin A that keeps his eyesight better than most. other things could be in this salad but these would be the essential 3 and this would be his lunches when on barracks.


Number 5- Black widow

An agent of S.H.I.E.L.D  and an assassin since childhood Agent Romonff is the most deadly woman in the team. she is smart, fast, versatile and an experienced agent. so what does this deadly assassin eat? Steaks in all red meats and vegetables. the red meat provides iron a essential b vitamins which is key for helping energy levels in the body. you will also get protein and fats from animal meat. the veg would balance out the other essential vitamins and minerals and provide a good base level of fibre so there will be few stomach upsets on the field.


thats me for this week i might make these meals at some point i will have to see how i get on with work and such. but go see the movie it was awesome.



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Top 5 Tuesday – Supplements part 1

So another sunny day in Chigwell and I thought I sit in it and type up a blog. I I’m going to try and cover something like this every Tuesday and call it my top 5. I use to do this but tailed quite early on as my blogging time management was quite poor it quickly stopped. So I would like to bring it back and will starting with suppliments. I’m going to talk about what suppliments are essential if your going to take them.

Number 1- vitamin D

Living in the uk we get very little sun throughout the year and without that we don’t get much vitamin D as an overall. So taking a vitamin D tablet would be benifitial as vitamin D helps absorption rates of other essential minerals. It can improve your mood, improve your bone strenth and immunity system.

Number 2- glucosamine chondroitin

Looking after your joints are important and this suppliments is one of 2 that will help keep your joints supple and lubricated. glucosamine chondroitin are natural substances produced in the body. So you will just be adding to this as you train or age so the body can keep up with the demand needed in the day to day life.

Number 3- Omega 3,6,9

So this one is a massive monster of a suppliment. In the right balance fish oils can help with joint, heart , skin, digestive problems as well as blood pressure and cholesterol problems. This is the easyest to get in your diet but make sure you get all three omega types in a good balance amd not just the omega 3

Number 4- Coenzyme Q10

This is a normally produced in the body and is used for the daily functioning of cells and the energy systems. But as you age this production slows down and gaining additional supplementation from your diet becomes more and more important. This is commonly found in small amounts in red meats and fish and diarys.

Number 5- Iron

For women this is a important suppliment and even more so for those that don’t eat most meats to replace lost iron count from the monthy menstral cycle. Iron is responsible for aiding carrying oxygen round the body by the red blood cells. This will help energy levels overall a lack of this can cause anaemia.

Many thanks for reading this next week I will look at something else I have not decided yet. I want to get into some more blogging so if you have any topics you want me talk about please comment.


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Top 5 Tuesday- Buns of steel

ok so working on bringing these back as well. I’m going to start of a 4 week series on building a better set of legs so first up will be everyones favourite the bum.

these are my top 5 moves for flute development


Number 5- Cable Pull through



the beginners guide to a kettle bell swing but also a very effective move for gluteus contractions. this move will help anyone learn how to bend at the hips correctly and learn to drive back with there using the Glutes not the lower back.







Number 4- Kettle bell Swing



not a step up from the cable pull through but a dynamic version of the movement. the kettle bell will help develop raw power in the hip flexion and extension movement pattern. This is a more functional movement than using the cable but the speed makes it impossible for this movement to help for body building. For strength and conditioning in power its perfect.






Number 3- Sumo Deadlift

IMG_0903IMG_0904wide stance, toes out, hands on the inside of knees. the main focus here is to put the pressure on the Gluteus to drive up to the top. If you struggle with deadliest try this one the wide stance changes the emphasis from the lower back down towards the legs and Glutes







Number 2- Sumo Squat



Wide stance, toes turned out and a greater emphasis on depth in the squat. this is the move that asks allot from your Gluteus when driving both up and controlling the decent in this Squat. i find its a real good opportunity to put in a real big squeeze in the contraction at the top in comparison to other squat types.







Number 1- Single Leg Bridge



With this move it will help the previous 4 already discussed quite simply this is your go to move to Activate your flutes and give you a sense of what it feels like to contract those muscles. if you don’t activate the flutes you will be just pressing from the hamstrings and quads which ignores the point of the session.







and so that concludes this weeks top 5 i like to thank my client for the help.


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Tuesday Top 5- Moves For Whole Body Work



so i have not had the time to write a top 5 of recent and i do apologise for that but i managed to block out some space to type one out. so the top 5 moves for whole body work or the best 5 moves for getting the  whole body working out. rules are simple on this they must be including more than one group of muscles


Number 5- Push ups

The staple of most work out programs not only working the core , chest and arms but developing coronation skills for getting up of the floor. (handy if you ever fall over and want to look cool getting back up) This is one of the most difficult moves to teach and progress in new clients because of the weight to strength ratio that they will have when starting out. but given time and patience its a fantastic move that can be taken away on holiday or done in a large number of ways that never makes it boring.

IMG_0318 push up vid

Number 4-  TRX Side Plank

one foot into the strap and the other being pulled up while in a side plank not only works the shoulders, obliques, abs but also your adductors. a really difficult move but a great one for developing balance within the body posturally by reducing under activating adductors and preventing the laterally rotating hip and leg muscles from over powering.


Number 3- Squats

The Bread and Butter of my workout programs squats can be done in a vast number of ways and with a vast amount of kit. but with an olympic bar other in front or behind you will work not only the legs but the core as well. as the bar is loaded in position the core has to stabilise it self  in both the down phase and up phase in each rep.

Number 2- Dead lifts


with 4 variations each to help target the body in different ways the dead lift not only works the hamstrings and Glutes but the entire posterior chain in the body. depending on your grip it will work the forearms to develop grip strength.

Number 1- Pull Ups

this is the daddy of all moves with several ways to do pull ups or chin ups that develops the back and biceps but the core has to stabilise it self to stop the body from swinging. the shoulders have to work on the down phase to prevent the joints from collapsing under the weight it is holding.

IMG_0338 Pull up vid

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