Top 5 Tuesday- 5 Moves to a Stronger, More Functional Core

Hi everyone

Firstly i like to apologise for the lack of blog yesterday i updated my Mac and didn’t see how big it would take and see how much time it would waste. Today i thought i go back to doing some Work out specific Top 5 this was inspired by my training partner today. Danni wanted a work out that based around allot of core work out elements and i wanted to limber up so nothing major heavy as i have played 4 days of golf and I’m feeling a little stiff. So i thought about movements that will work the core while focusing on major muscle groups. and here was my top 5

Number 5- Pull ups

holding your self still and preventing your self from wilding swinging takes allot of effort from the core to stabilise while the back does all the puling. look to get to 3 sets of 10 using a band.



Number 4- Squats

My most favoured move but sadly not enough muscle groups in comparison to the others to be higher in the list. Working the quads and hamstrings and Glutes for the major movers and then having a bar across the back or eve at the front will engage the core to keep the body in a upright position. again go for 3 sets of 10


Number 3- Cable Pres

Sit on a bench with no back support and try and do a cable press this move really forces you to engage your core while your doing your press. you can mix this up and put more pressure on the chest by doing flys. 3 sets 10-12 reps will work wonders and add something new to your work out

Number 2- Frontal Raise Plank 

Press up position holding a cable in one hand, shift your weight and keep your arm straight and raise the arm in front. this is a real burner of the shoulders they are either woking while moving or working when trying to have to hold your position. Make sure you do 3 sets 10 reps for both arms

Number 1- Single leg Lunge with opposite arm press

Legs, shoulder, core, brain what more could you want in a move! Got to give Danni credit here for her suggestion. I did have something else in mid but this was allot of fun. you will have to remember to do both sides per set and again 3 sets of 10 here is good enough to start off with.

thats this weeks top 5 maybe next week i will do something else like this i will ask one of the team if they want to help


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Top 5 Tuesday- Buns of steel

ok so working on bringing these back as well. I’m going to start of a 4 week series on building a better set of legs so first up will be everyones favourite the bum.

these are my top 5 moves for flute development


Number 5- Cable Pull through



the beginners guide to a kettle bell swing but also a very effective move for gluteus contractions. this move will help anyone learn how to bend at the hips correctly and learn to drive back with there using the Glutes not the lower back.







Number 4- Kettle bell Swing



not a step up from the cable pull through but a dynamic version of the movement. the kettle bell will help develop raw power in the hip flexion and extension movement pattern. This is a more functional movement than using the cable but the speed makes it impossible for this movement to help for body building. For strength and conditioning in power its perfect.






Number 3- Sumo Deadlift

IMG_0903IMG_0904wide stance, toes out, hands on the inside of knees. the main focus here is to put the pressure on the Gluteus to drive up to the top. If you struggle with deadliest try this one the wide stance changes the emphasis from the lower back down towards the legs and Glutes







Number 2- Sumo Squat



Wide stance, toes turned out and a greater emphasis on depth in the squat. this is the move that asks allot from your Gluteus when driving both up and controlling the decent in this Squat. i find its a real good opportunity to put in a real big squeeze in the contraction at the top in comparison to other squat types.







Number 1- Single Leg Bridge



With this move it will help the previous 4 already discussed quite simply this is your go to move to Activate your flutes and give you a sense of what it feels like to contract those muscles. if you don’t activate the flutes you will be just pressing from the hamstrings and quads which ignores the point of the session.







and so that concludes this weeks top 5 i like to thank my client for the help.


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Tuesday Top 5- Moves For Whole Body Work



so i have not had the time to write a top 5 of recent and i do apologise for that but i managed to block out some space to type one out. so the top 5 moves for whole body work or the best 5 moves for getting the  whole body working out. rules are simple on this they must be including more than one group of muscles


Number 5- Push ups

The staple of most work out programs not only working the core , chest and arms but developing coronation skills for getting up of the floor. (handy if you ever fall over and want to look cool getting back up) This is one of the most difficult moves to teach and progress in new clients because of the weight to strength ratio that they will have when starting out. but given time and patience its a fantastic move that can be taken away on holiday or done in a large number of ways that never makes it boring.

IMG_0318 push up vid

Number 4-  TRX Side Plank

one foot into the strap and the other being pulled up while in a side plank not only works the shoulders, obliques, abs but also your adductors. a really difficult move but a great one for developing balance within the body posturally by reducing under activating adductors and preventing the laterally rotating hip and leg muscles from over powering.


Number 3- Squats

The Bread and Butter of my workout programs squats can be done in a vast number of ways and with a vast amount of kit. but with an olympic bar other in front or behind you will work not only the legs but the core as well. as the bar is loaded in position the core has to stabilise it self  in both the down phase and up phase in each rep.

Number 2- Dead lifts


with 4 variations each to help target the body in different ways the dead lift not only works the hamstrings and Glutes but the entire posterior chain in the body. depending on your grip it will work the forearms to develop grip strength.

Number 1- Pull Ups

this is the daddy of all moves with several ways to do pull ups or chin ups that develops the back and biceps but the core has to stabilise it self to stop the body from swinging. the shoulders have to work on the down phase to prevent the joints from collapsing under the weight it is holding.

IMG_0338 Pull up vid

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Patience, Training and Transformations


I had a big old rant on face book last week it was about a variety of subjects and things that have been annoying me over the past few weeks or so and I thought I go on here and address a few of them in a bit more detail.


Ok so this was a big thing that annoyed me. I have spoke to or have had a couple of clients tell me they have not seen any changes in weight in the past 2 weeks. Now firstly weight has never been my concern, I get that people want some kind of number to put into a data sheet to compare results on a weekly basis but I’m sorry weight is not a reliable way of measuring results!!! Measuring your weight does not give you a full story of what changes have happened in your body since you last checked. There are a few factors to take into account – water weight change, muscle development change, waste in the body, and for females hormonal changes in the month.

There are to many variables to make weight measuring a viable way of tracking results. That being said results take time!!!!!

Now for body transformations we are looking at your shape/figure when looking for a results either positive or negative (or using body composition testing). This shape change will take 6-8 weeks to really kick in and that’s assuming you do everything either my self or another personal trainer tells you to do to the T.

Now to explain why this takes a while to do
You will come to me looking to get fit, tone up and look good in the mirror. My first job is to get your body’s digestion and immune system to the point where it works most efficiently. That means getting you to eat correctly so your body can not only deal with the training that you will be doing with my self but also deal with any past nutritional problems that have reduced your body’s ability to use the food it’s been given each meal. This process can take a good few weeks for your body to adapt and create the right amount of enzymes for the food your digesting. (There are other things like stress and sleep that can effect that but that’s another blog). So when you next step on the scale after your first week please bear in mind that this is week one and the result now is not important compared to week 6. After that period of time if you have not lost any fat or have not seen a result you want. Then you need to change what you are doing.


This is a very individual thing and everyone’s training will need specific exersize to fix postural problems as well as working towards the goals that they want/need. But I will tell you this now you want a result you have to work hard and have to do it on a daily basis constantly giving 110% there is no “I cant’s” when it comes to training.

Also when we look at weight loos or body transformation Zumba is not a great method for weight/fat loss. You need to be doing resistance based work. Lifting weights, doing plyometic’s and any other training that creates strong positive pulls on the muscles encouraging them to develop increasing there overall metabolism. Doing Zumba for an hour will just increase your adrenalin and cortisol two hormones that do the opposite to recovery of the body. Keeping the body in a state of catabolism will significantly reduce the body’s ability to reduce its body fat %

Now this is a very simplified version of what happens but please talk to me about it in the gym when you next see me.


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