Tuesday Top 5- Best Nuclear Rush Obstacles

Hi everyone


recently my self and two clients took on the first mud run of the year. The Nuclear rush in Ongar the event was awesome and i did say i would do a full blog coving the training i did for it, the event its self and my final thoughts but today i wanted to post which of the 85 counted obstacles were my favourite!


1 Gorrilla Bars- This monster i was looking forward to taking on from the moment i signed up. I’m quite good and being a monkey so a 120m monkey bar challenge was what i needed to test my self. This event isn’t for everyone. some people just cannot do this and being covered in mud makes it much tougher. I will point out after a set stage you can drop off and miss the mud hills so the event isn’t that long. but i went the full hog and managed over 2/3rds of the challenge with no stops or breaks. i did see that some people were using there legs to hold on to give there hands a rest this is a method i might try next time.


2 Death Slide- Massive slide into a big lake. on first look down your tummy might jump but this isn’t that bad and was a lot of fun doing being a light guy i flew of the edge quite far!!


3 Ridge of Revenge- Running up hill with the potential to miss the top and fail or walk round in shame!!! These is the options that first present to you when you see this mammoth up hill ramp. But fear not with the right amount of acceleration on approach will see you tame the beast. but if a slightest doubt creeps in and you start to slow down your not going to make it. A worth challenge for number 3 slot completable by many but not all.


11259727_908370535871408_5933837664954459492_n4 Para-Plunge- Zip line + water whats not to like about this!!!! Lots of fun and very little work an event that everyone will love and enjoy. The only reason it makes number 4 is its very short lived for those who like a thrill.  A higher setting would have been perfect for more advanced runners or crazy people like me.


5 Berlin Wall- This was fun a mix between balance, grip strength and a little luck you didn’t slip off. I do feel that this will be over looked by most when you think about the event but it was a nice challenge for most ability after tones and tones of mud slides this is welcome. Maybe there should be more of these because i really enjoyed this and so did a fair few people when i spoke to them about it.


there we have it my top 5 Nuclear Rush obstacles

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