Tuesday Top 5- Reasons You Are Stressed!


have not done a top 5 for a few weeks and really need to build this into a regular blog series so i thought i start of with looking at stress. first off i will be looking at the reasons for you to get stressed then we will look at combatting stress next week. So here is my top 5 reasons you get stressed!

Work can be tough some days

1- Job

Work can be stressful and in this environment there are many reasons for getting stressed. It could be your a manager thats way in over their head and can’t actually handle the task you have been given. Or if your that employee who really cares about your work place and it stresses you out when some things are decided that feel are bad for the building. it could be you have college tension because of a previous xmas party antics. The list could be endless here I’m not going to waffle on.

2- Money

When you check your bank account and its empty

Money makes the world go round and with a lack of it your would might grind to a halt! Everyone is different with money some love it, some love what it can do, some don’t care for it but all will need it to fund there bills and buy there food. so when we run out of this wonderful green and gold stuff it can put us in a state of stress as we wonder how we are going to survive and not lose the shirts of our backs.

When your girlfriend is being unreasonable

3- Relationships

People can be stressful too if one persons actions annoys you this will stress you out. But we are social creatures and also being lonely can also be stressful so finding a balance here is difficult and not one i can solve for you. all i can suggest is you make sure you talk things out and find a middle ground when dealing with anyone that disagrees with you.

4- Nutrition

Food is key for good fitness its also key for combatting stress. The body will remain in a constant state of stress if there are not a well balanced ample supply of nutrients it needs to meet the demands. a long term effect of poor chronic dietary habits can lead to metabolic damage and other food related problems

mixing vodka and Redbull was not a good idea

5- Sleep

Sleep is a unique thing in some respects. we all need it and the majority will need 7-8 hours sleep a night. But when you talk to people every body sleeps differently and for different times a night. A change in this cycle can cause the person to feel restless or tired regardless weather they had more or less sleep than normal. Quality is important and poor Sleep will cause the body to fall in a state of stress.


These are the top 5 reasons people get stressed, next week 5 ways to combat Stress


Many thanks Robert


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