Personal Training

Having a personal trainer is a great way to not only get fit but to learn how train hard while having fun. You will use a wide range of equipment from medicine balls to the power plate, cable machines, hurdles, SAQ ladders, kettle bells and free weights. With focuses on being fun, exciting and functional, while still hitting what you want to achieve. The personal training sessions will provide you with a fun, exciting and functional based work out that will be aimed at hitting your goals while improving your body’s ability to live in a more functional manor. We will show you a wide variety of exercises that will be targeting various areas of the body that will improve your strength and increase your stamina. If you would like to train with friends or family you can train in groups of two or three.

Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer
1. Taylor Made Program
We tailor each of your health fitness workouts for your unique body in order to accomplish the most results and ultimately achieve the best workouts for your body
Our personal trainer tailors each exercise program for your goals.
2. Effective Time Use
Our personal trainers give you more results in a shorter time just by the nature of the continually tailoring each exercise workout. Our fitness training continuously tailors the exercise activities in order to force your body to adapt to the progressive increasing stress.
Our personal trainers design your exercise workout programs unique to your own body and your goals and time availability, which maximize the efficiency of each exercise workout.
3. Improved self Confidence
Once you start training with one of the team and start seeing results naturally, your confidence in yourself and what you can do will grow.
What do I need to do to get started?
Once you have picked up the phone and spoken to one of our team you can arrange you 30 min consultation with your first personal training session. On the consultation we will sit down talk to you about your goals, current training and current nutrition. This will give us an idea of how we can tailor you training to fit you. We may perform some specific tests but this is dependent on your goals. Once the consultation is done we will start your training

Prices &and Packages

Fix up fitness offers many types of membership package

Option 1
Single session

£40 per single training session

Option 2
1 session per week (min 4 weeks)
No consultation fee
£160 at the beginning of the month
1 Free Fix Up Fitness T shirt

Option 3
2 sessions per week (min 4 weeks)
£290at the beginning of the month
1 Free Fix Up Fitness T Shirt

Option 3
3 sessions per week (min 4 weeks)
£400 at the beginning of the month
1 Free Fix Up Fitness T Shirt